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Social Behavior

Growth of Ideal Social Behaviour

Behavior arises as a means to fulfil one’s needs; it is necessary that behavior meets with success. Behavior depends upon the ability to evaluate, which depends upon the ability to appreciate, which depends upon the quality of the mind and heart. Ideal social behavior is based on giving to others. In order to naturally give to others through one’s speech, actions, and behaviour, one has to feel inner fullness and contentment.

The Transcendental Meditation Program restores balance to the mind and body, giving deep rest and the direct experience of the field of inner bliss, harmony, and unity. Appreciation of oneself, of others, and of the environment increases; and as a result, one’s behaviour is more helpful, more useful, more compassionate, and more progressive.

A healthy, happy individual improves the quality of his environment, and a better environment in turn enriches the individual. The individual has a very real influence on the life of society, of the nation, of the world. Transcendental Meditation improves the quality of life of the individual and develops ideal social behaviour.

Behaviour is the expression of the inner quality of life, the inner quality of consciousness. Acting from the level of unbounded awareness, developed through Transcendental Meditation, harmony dominates in our behaviour.

Numerous research studies document the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation Program for ideal social behavior:

  • Increased Self-Actualization
  • Enhanced Inner Well-Being
  • Increased Self-Confidence
  • Increased Emotional Stability and Maturity
  • Higher Levels of Moral Reasoning
  • Improved Personal Relationships
  • Increased Friendliness
  • Improved Family Life
  • Increased Tolerance
  • Increased Sensitivity to the Feelings of Others
  • Orientation towards Positive Values
  • More Positive Appraisal of Others
  • Increased Autonomy and Independence
  • Decreased Recidivism of Prison Parolees
  • Greater Respect for Traditional Values
Benefits of Transcendental Meditation:
Arrow Development of Mental Potential
Arrow Health & Wellness
Arrow Ideal Social behavior
Arrow Inner peace & happiness

Scientific Research on the social behavior:


University students who were practicing the TM and TM-Sidhi programs increased significantly on self-development when measured after graduation, in contrast to control students at three other universities who were not participating in this program. Reference: Dissertation abstracts International 51(10): 5048B, 1991.


Employees who learned the TM program showed, over a four-month study period, significant increase in a composite scale of leadership behavior, in contrast to control employees who did not participate in the program. Reference: Career Development International 4: 149–154, 1999.