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Inner Peace

Peace is found within

Deep within the mind at the source of thought is pure consciousness—consciousness awake to itself, without thoughts, without sensory input. It is an orderly, restful, peaceful state. It’s available to everyone.

During the TM technique, the mind settles down effortlessly, experiencing quieter and quieter levels of thought. From time to time, the mind transcends—or “goes beyond”—thought to the state of pure consciousness. As you continue to meditate 20 minutes twice a day, the qualities of that state—serenity, steadiness, harmony—permeate your life. Research indicates that the practice of the TM technique increases calmness and decreases stress.

Inner peace is not a passive state

True inner peace is the sense of calm and centeredness needed to be effective in today’s busy world. In sports, they call it “the zone,” where athletes perform at their peak while maintaining a calm, comprehensive point of view. You don’t need to retreat to a mountaintop to find inner peace. Just practice TM twice a day.

By adding the calming experience of the Transcendental Meditation technique to your daily routine, inner peace grows. It’s similar to dying fabric the old-fashioned way—alternately dipping it in dye and fading it in the sun until it becomes color fast. In that same way, the alternation of TM and activity quickly produces a state where you are never overshadowed by stressful experiences. No matter what problems arise, you face them with a strong steady state of mind.

Creating Harmony and Peace in Society

World peace has been the long-sought goal of many generations; yet all attempts by governments, whether through negotiations, treaties, or arms have failed to create a lasting state of peace. National governments have lacked the knowledge of how to utilize their national potential to achieve this highest, most cherished goal. Extensive scientific research confirm that Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programs (the TM-Sidhi program) fulfil the need for an effective means to create harmony and peace in society. Research shows that in cities and towns where as little as one per cent of the population practises Transcendental Meditation, negative social trends decrease, and positive trends increase. The results of the scientific research are:

  • Reduced Crime Rate
  • Improved Overall Quality of Life of Society
  • More Positive Actions of Heads of States
  • Improved Economic Trends
  • Increased Cooperation between Nations
  • Reduced National and International Conflicts
  • Reduced Armed Conflicts
  • Reduced Terrorism
  • Increased Progress Towards Peace
Benefits of Transcendental Meditation:
Arrow Development of Mental Potential
Arrow Health & Wellness
Arrow Ideal Social behavior
Arrow Inner peace & happiness

Scientific Research on the establishment of permanent World Peace:

Crime Rate

Crime decreased significantly during periods in which the number of group participants in Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program exceeded the square root of one per cent of the population of these three capital regions. Reference: The Journal of Mind and Behavior 8 (1987): 67–104; and 9 (1988): 457–486.


Another study shows that during three experimental periods when 7,000 experts (the square root of one per cent of the world’s population) practised Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program, there were significant global reductions in international conflicts. Reference: American Political Science Association (1989).