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Mental Potential

Development of the Full Potential of the Mind:

Transcendental Meditation is the technology for everyone to become more creative, more energetic, and happier within themselves, it unfold the inner Creative Intelligence of everyone. All the intelligence we display in our life comes from our thoughts, and thought comes from somewhere deep inside. We locate the centre of Creative Intelligence within each individual at the source of thought, beyond the finest aspect of thinking—pure consciousness—the reservoir of Creative Intelligence—a reservoir of infinite intelligence, energy, and creativity. Psychologists say that man generally uses only a small portion of his mind—only 5–10%. This explains why life is not enjoyed in its full potential. Transcendental Meditation develops full mental potential in a natural manner. A man is known by how his mind functions. The clarity of awareness that develops through Transcendental Meditation is vital to everyone, no matter what their interest or profession.

How the Transcendental Meditation technique optimizes the brain?

The stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique provides the experience of “restful alertness,” which reduces stress, strengthens communication between the brain’s prefrontal cortex and different areas of the brain, and develops total brain functioning. As a result, the TM practitioner displays stronger executive functions, with more purposeful thinking and farsighted decision-making. When the CEO is fully “online,” the emotional response to the world is more balanced and appropriate.

Scientific research has also shown that those who practise Transcendental Meditation gain improvements in their mental potential such as:

  • Increased Intelligence and Creativity
  • Improved Memory
  • Broader Comprehension with the Improved Ability to Focus
  • Improved Academic Performance
  • Greater Efficiency and Achievement in Professional Life
  • Higher Levels of Creativity
  • Greater Efficiency in Learning New Concepts
  • More Principled Moral Reasoning
  • Higher Verbal Intelligence (IQ)
  • Less Neuroticism
  • Greater Neurological Efficiency (H-reflex)
Benefits of Transcendental Meditation:
Arrow Development of Mental Potential
Arrow Health & Wellness
Arrow Ideal Social behavior
Arrow Inner peace & happiness

Scientific Research on the brain and the mental potential:

EEG Coherence

After two weeks of practice of the TM program, individuals showed significantly increased EEG coherence during the practice, in contrast to their own eyes-closed control condition before they learned the TM technique. Reference: International Journal of Neuroscience 14: 147–151, 1981.

Brain Reserves
During the TM program, early (sensory) components of the brain’s response to somatosensory stimuli are more widely distributed across the cortex, indicating greater participation of the whole brain in the response to a stimulus. Reference: Human Physiology 25: 171–180, 1999.