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You are most welcomed for a FREE introductory lecture at our TM center. Take the first step by filling the form on the right, or contact us by telephone or email.


TM Centers in Lebanon:

Adlieh TM Center:
Sahalian Building, Ground Floor, Near Post Office, Karam Rahal Street, Adlieh Area, Beirut.
TM Teachers:
Salim & Samira Haddad: Telephone: 03-258868, Email:
Nada Haidar: Telephone: 70-834023, Email
Nada Mattar: Telephone: 03-258878, Email:
Georges Elia: Telephone: 76-372508, Email:
Issam Khairallah: Telephone: 03-763082, Email:


Sioufi TM Center:
Flora Building, First Floor, Near Sioufi Garden, Sioufi Area, Achrafieh
TM Teachers
Jean Abou Khalil: Telephone: 03-209717, Email:
Laudy Fahed: Telephone: 03-672711, Email:


Alley TM Center:
Hakim and Halabi Building, Third Floor, Almashrah, Damascus Highway, Alley Area.
TM Teachers
Sallam Ballout: Telephone: 03-717001, Email:
Tafla Mourawed Ballout: Telephone: 71-717001, Email:  


Sanayeh TM Center:
Hamza Building, Second Floor, Behind Sanayeh Garden, Sanayeh Area, Ras Beirut
TM Teachers
Fadi Haidar: Telephone: 03-632560, Email:



TM Teachers in Other Areas:

Romel Ghosn: Telephone: 70-400019 Email:

Furn EL Shebbak Area:
Georges Boustany: Telephone: 03-772431 Email:
Sylvana Taouk: Telephone: 70-149708, Email:

Achrafieh Area:
Rita Touma: Telephone: 71-856319, Email:

Chouf Area:
Nizar Bukhzam: Telephone: 70-177922, Email:
Hayat Hassan: Telephone: 03-959620, Email:

Aramoun Area:
Hammoud Abou Chahine: Telephone 03-586975, Email:

Jdeideh Area:
Fadi Boustany: Telephone: 03-613071, Email:

Antellias Area:
Tony Haddad: Telephone: 03-321107 Email:

Jounieh Area:
Jean Abou Khalil: Telephone: 03-209717, Email:
Georges Elia: Telephone: 76-372508, Email:

Ghosta Area:
Jean Abou Khalil: Telephone: 03-209717, Email:

North of Lebanon Area:
Laudy Fahed: Telephone: 03-672711, Email:

Northern Metn Area:
Youssef Mounayer: Telephone: 03-908982, Email:

Baskinta Area:
Marie Rose El Zoghby: Telephone: 71-720541, Email: 

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